We drive business efficiency and growth.

Founded in 1993, Credit Interlink set out on a mission to build the top credit merging software available in the mortgage industry.

Leveraging the technology and industry experience of its founders, Credit Interlink introduced systems centered on customer need, ease of user experience and easy to manage customization capabilities. Offering the premier tools in the industry, our partners receive the most accurate merge, easiest to read reports, and a management system that allows them to configure to their preferences. Our incredible flexibility has been a driving force in building a wide distribution network and growing customer base and partnership alliance that includes mortgage industry leader Old Republic International.

Building a proprietary system that changed the way users viewed and accessed credit was a priority. Rather than rely on the antiquated inflexible platform of others, Credit Interlink built from the ground up, evaluating industry feedback and utilizing experience and an understanding of what existing services lacked. We created a system that not only met our needs, but was built for others in the industry to provide them with the flexibility required to make their businesses unique. Our system supports easy tailoring of credit reports, user-friendly customer interfacing, rapid development and deployment of new products and enhancements, and scalability to meet all needs now and as they change. Difficult and time-consuming interfacing with third party technologies is a thing of the past. Our platform was built to easily plug-in with other platforms so business can grow rather than tread water.

Every great building has a great architect, and software platform is no different. Our development team has a strong background in data technology and consulting, and possesses essential technical skills to shape our solution to your needs and the needs of the industry. Understanding the necessity for speed and fewer "clicks" for the users is paramount, while also understanding internal architecture must be constructed for easy adaptability and reliability. Our team is nimble and has a deep understanding of the mortgage credit industry which translates to a "home" you feel comfortable in.

The unique combination of superior technology and a strong management team within Credit Interlink has allowed for explosive growth year after year, and has allowed for many others to grow with us. We have thousands taking advantage of our systems daily. Our data, technology and experience provide a great cornerstone to products you want to offer. And as we look to expand our capabilities, we look to you for a partnership that will bring benefits to both parties. We will help you deliver better products and services to your customers.

I believe that if you show people the problems and you show them the solutions they will be moved to act.
Bill Gates